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Stay in a tent, Fishing, Canoe rental
For the children
Finding the best camping place
Picking berries and mushrooms
Beaver safari

Stay near Kroppefjäll
We spend some time picking the berries. Have a coffee break in the forest, over an open fire we make the jams and the muchrooms.
You will learn what berries, mushrooms and flowers you are allowed to pick and bring home from the forests in Sweden. Also which considerations are necessary. This is the tour for you who want´s to learn how to behave in the nature in Sweden.

Price including: utensils for picking and ingredients for cooking the jam

Time : 2.30 - 6.30 pm or after your own wisch
Price 340 sek per person. Family 940 sek.
Dates 2018: 19th July, 27th July, 1st Aug, 11th Aug, 17th Aug, 26th Aug